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Addressing Systemic Inequities in Gynecological Care: A Call for Structural Reform and Enhanced Training in Canada

Women's Health Coalition of Canada Releases Report on Inequities in Gynecology at Inventures Conference.

The Women's Health Coalition of Canada (WHC) is proud to announce the release of Under Valued - Under Served: Inequities in Gynecology. This report sheds light on the disparity in compensation of gynecology as a specialty and the undervaluing of clinical supports for women compared to men.  It was unveiled today at the Inventures Conference, a gathering of innovators and thought leaders from around the world.

The report, compiled under the direction of licensed medical experts within the WHC, showcases inequities in antiquated billing systems, preferential access to surgery for specialties other than gynecology, and system barriers that are causing wait times as long as four years for the last woman in line.  The report highlights the urgent need for comprehensive action to address these disparities and ensure equitable access for all Canadian women - through all their ages and life stages.

“As long as the health system continues to under-value gynecology, women will be under-served and left behind,” said Carmen Wyton, Chair of the Women’s Health Coalition. “Inequities in compensation discourage entry into gynecology and require that Ob/Gyns increase capacity in obstetrics, at the expense of gynecology, to achieve fair earnings.”

A recent Canadian study that is cited in this report demonstrates the mean reimbursement difference between comparable male and female procedures is 26.7 % in favor of men - with Saskatchewan reporting the highest rate of gender bias at 67.3%.    

“Historically gynecology has been grossly undervalued and it is noticeably affecting gynecologists ability to care for patients and contributing to longer wait times.” Said Dr. Erin Brennand MD FRCSC.  “Because of this, patients are too often presenting with advanced gynecological conditions that could have been prevented.”

In addition to the report release, the WHC also announced a Global Women’s Health Conference for June 2025 in Edmonton, Alberta.   Disruption: The Future of Women’s Health is a conference focused on creating a global movement for a future in women’s health that is more innovative, inclusive and patient centric. Leading health innovators, medical experts, patients, policymakers, and stakeholders from Canada and around the world will gather to reimagine women’s health. 

The Women's Health Coalition of Canada invites media representatives, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and members of the public to read our Inequities in Gynecology report here.

For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact: Brooke Timpson, Director of Advocacy and Partnerships - Women's Health Coalition, Phone: (416) 451-9500 Email: advocacy@thewhc.ca.

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