WHC Youth Council
The Youth Ambassadors Leadership Council (the Council) is a youth-driven movement to address barriers, biases, and challenges that youth face when dealing with sexual, menstrual, and reproductive health. We will build a platform for youth to create safe spaces to share their stories. Through this we aim to increase awareness of youth experiences, disrupt traditional thinking, redefine “normal”, and empower self-advocacy.

How do we define 'Youth'?

  • Ages 12-25 (from junior high to after university roughly). Based on the SOGC definition of adolescence (10-19) and the idea of young adults (20 to 25), so we recognize it will likely be reaching people as young as 10.
  • We are also in part targeting the Alberta Women's Health Community, meaning those who provide care for people in these age groups etc.

How do we define 'Women'?

  • Our definition of women includes all people with a female reproductive tract, regardless of gender identity.

Our 3 Goals

Starting Conversations: We want to have open and honest conversations about youth sexual and reproductive health.

Addressing Barriers: We want to tackle barriers to youth sexual and reproductive health.
Educational Experiences: We want to be a hub for accurate information around topics related to sexual and reproductive health.


YOUTH and STUDENT MEMBERSHIP is available complimentary to individuals under the age of 18, or students enrolled in healthcare professional training.
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Youth Council members

Jaclyn Anderson (Chair)
Emma Bedard
Carly Kutnikoff
Renee Richards
Samar Barazesh
Keshandi Thompson
Toluwanimi Oke
Arya Khadha
Safia Abbadi