Every Women Counts

STANDING UP FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH (Members Advocacy Update available here)

The WHC takes a leading role in advocating to government to improve support, service, and choice for women faced with menstrual, reproductive, and sexual health challenges.

The WHC is a network that cares about women and their health. The Coalition comprises healthcare professionals, community organizers, and business leaders, working together to influence change. We do this by sharing information about the inequities and gaps within Alberta’s women’s health systems through the stories of the people who have experienced it.

We advocate to government for health systems that will:

  • be easy to access and navigate, with information about all available treatment and care options
  • offer choice and access to desired care and treatment options with an emphasis on proactive health management
  • address sexual/menstrual gender-bias in the workplace
  • foster & encourage open dialogue and learning for menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health in schools

People, communities, workplaces, and government need to work together to support women’s health needs as they journey through all ages and life-stages.

Join us! We welcome your voice in our advocacy efforts.

Be a WHC Government Relations Ambassador. Contact to explore what you can do to influence positive change for Alberta’s women.


Women’s Health was overlooked and underserved before the pandemic… and now it is worse. Treatment for gynecology issues were often delayed resulting in conditions becoming more serious over time. Read more in the AMA Deficit Assessment Series.