About Us

The Women’s Health Coalition is committed to advancing a movement to speak openly, learn, and engage, to address barriers, gaps, and biases in menstrual reproductive and sexual health.
Every woman is supported through all the ages and stages of their unique health experience
Choice  Equity  Credibility

The Women’s Health Coalition will be guided by patient experiences, informed by healthcare professional expertise, and enabled by partnerships, to advance evidence-informed recommendations to decision makers in government and health systems.

We will fulfill our mandate by:

CONNECTING WITH WOMEN to understand the patient experience: Engage women of diverse backgrounds to provide testimony of unique experiences in Canada's health system to validate priorities identified for system change and promote a shift in patient behaviors.
ENGAGING THE HEALTHCARE COMMUNITY for system improvement: Work with healthcare professionals,  influencers, decision makers and partners to explore opportunities for improved health outcomes.

ADVOCATING for policy change: Establish relationships and credibility with provincial and federal governments to raise awareness and advocate for policy change to support patient choice and address gender equity.

ENABLING evidence-informed  recommendations: Work with partners to understand, clarify and promote women's health based on data, evidence and patient experience.

The Women’s Health Coalition is a network of:

  • Women who have faced health challenges
  • Professionals who care for women
  • People who care about women and women's health
  • Businesses and Associations engaged to address women's health
Strategic Priorities

PATIENT VOICES:  The WHC will be guided by women’s experiences in accessing and navigating Canada’s health system for sexual, reproductive and menstrual health clinical supports.   

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS: The WHC will have a strong diverse membership; established networks and relationships within government, healthcare professionals, associations, and industry; and public engagement.

SYSTEM CHANGE: The WHC will influence change to improve women’s experiences within Canada’s health systems by raising awareness of gaps, inequities and under-served experiences in women’s health delivery.

CREDIBILITY: The WHC will be a trusted source for information, resources, and collaboration.

Women’s Health Coalition

19 Opal Court
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
T8N 6E4
Phone: 780-257-2270
Email: info@thewhc.ca

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Identity, Sex and Gender Statement: The Women’s Health Coalition of Canada is committed to addressing health system barriers, gaps, and biases affecting people who identify as women and individuals assigned female at birth. We acknowledge that sex relates to a person’s physical and biological features at birth.  We use the term “women” to refer to all people who identify as women.  We also recognize that the women’s health issues we address apply to women, trans men and non-binary individuals assigned female at birth.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement: Diversity, equity and inclusion is essential to ensuring that every person has access to quality healthcare, where they live, and with respect for their culture and values. Indigenous Peoples, Canadians of other ethnic identities, individuals of diverse backgrounds and sexual orientation endure the pain of racism and discrimination within health systems.  The WHC is committed to leadership, advocacy and practices that demonstrate inclusion, respect, fairness, and equity in all that we do.