About Us

The Women’s Health Coalition is committed to creating a movement to speak openly, learn and engage with purpose to address menstrual reproductive and sexual health for life.


The Women’s Health Coalition will take a leading role in engaging and informing community stakeholders, healthcare professionals, industry and government to challenge traditional thinking, address gender bias, and improve health outcomes for women facing menstrual, reproductive and sexual health challenges.

The Women’s Health Coalition is a network of:

  • Women who have faced health challenges
  • Professionals who care for women
  • People who care about women and women's health
  • Businesses and Associations committed to women's health

We will fulfill our mandate by:

The right support and treatment at the right time for improved quality of life, improved health outcomes, and better lived experiences.

CONNECTING WITH WOMEN to understand the patient journey : Engage women of diverse backgrounds to provide testimony of unique experiences in Alberta’s health system to validate priorities identified for system change and promote a shift in patient behaviors.


ENGAGING THE HEALTHCARE COMMUNITY for system improvement: Work with healthcare professionals and industry partners to engage health system influencers to explore opportunities for improving women’s health patient experience.

ADVOCATING for policy change: Establish relationships and credibility with provincial and federal governments to raise awareness and advocate for policy change to support patient choice and address gender equity.

FACILITATING RESEARCH for evidence-based recommendations: Work with partners to understand, clarify and promote women's health based on data, evidence and patient experience.

Strategic Priorities 2021-2024

Establish networks and relationships within government, healthcare professionals, associations and industry, to influence patient journeys. .

Improve women’s experiences within Alberta’s health systems by identifying and raising awareness of gaps, barriers and gender bias in women’s health delivery.

Establish the WHC as a trusted source for information, resources, collaboration and evidence-based recommendations to legislators and system stakeholders/influencers. .

Board of Directors

As of March 2020

Carmen Wyton - Chair
Chair - Government Relations
St. Albert, AB

Paragi Shah - Vice Chair
Chair - Clinical Resources

Sherwood Park, AB

Brandon Plaizier - Vice Chair
Chair - Marketing

Edmonton, AB

Michelle Turcotte - Treasurer
St. Albert, AB

Muriel Grimble - Secretary
St. Albert, AB

Lisa Luce
Co-Chair - Membership
Edmonton, AB

Yolanda Woywitka
Co-Chair - Membership
Edmonton, AB

Katherine Deypalubos
Chair - Fundraising
Edmonton, AB

Candice Laycraft
Chair - Research
Edmonton, AB

Michael Hogan
St. Albert, AB

Erin Devlin
Edmonton, AB

Keeley Smith
Edmonton, AB

Chantal Pinsent
Edmonton, AB

Tammy Hawkins
Edmonton, AB

Ally Luce - Youth Member
Edmonton, AB

Women’s Health Coalition

19 Opal Court
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
T8N 6E4
Phone: 780-257-2270
Email: info@thewhc.ca

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