Women's Health Week - Let's talk about it. - Alberta, May 8-15, 2021

Women’s Health Week is a province wide initiative of The Women's Health Coalition of Alberta, anchored by Mother’s Day, focused on raising awareness, increased understanding and engagement about women’s experiences in sexual, reproductive and menstrual health.

Let's Talk About It

Be bold. Be provocative. No topics are taboo or too embarrassing. Share stories, learn, and engage about women's health in your home, community and workplace.

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Host an event to raise awareness of women's health and connect networks for better conversations about sexual menstrual and reproductive health.

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Uniting the Healthcare Community

Together we can ensure the Alberta's health system is accessible, easy to navigate and patient centred.

Be a Women's Health Leader, Influencer and Advocate. (Learn more here)

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Women's Health Week - Let's talk about it.
The Women’s Health Week logo is meant to provoke bold conversations about sexual, reproductive and menstrual health for life. The image of a uterus and the gradient color change imply a uniqueness for each woman’s hormonal cycle. The circle demonstrates a cycle, unity and unwavering commitment to change for women’s health.