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The Women’s Health Coalition of Alberta  is a network of Women who have faced health challenges; Health Professionals who care for women; People who care about women’s health; and BUSINESSES and ASSOCIATIONS COMMITTED to WOMEN’S HEALTH.

Your support makes it possible for the Women’s Health Coalition to improve support services and choice for women facing menstrual, reproductive and sexual health challenges for life.

OUR PARTNERS are health focused, community-minded leaders and businesses that see the value in supporting programs that support women – in our homes, schools, communities and workplaces.

Together we win when….

  • Youth are provided with sexual and menstrual health education before they need it
  • Menstrual health is not a barrier in the workplace
  • Motherhood is supported regardless of personal means
  • Aging and sex is something to look forward to
  • Women have access to the right support and treatment at the right time.

The Women’s Health Coalition of Alberta works with each partner to provide unique opportunities, and are committed to adding value through cross-promotions to celebrate your commitment to better lived experiences for women throughout Alberta.

Investment Options and Benefits
There are a variety of ways for your company to support our mission, including cash donations, in-kind contributions, grants and sponsorship.  There are unique corporate opportunities for cross-promotional events and activities,  percentage of sales contributions,  or hosting fundraising events with proceeds committed to women’s health.

Your gift can be directed to specific health conditions, educational priority, health professional engagement, research, patient resources or other activities aligned with the mission and purpose of the Women’s Health Coalition.

In addition, based on your level of support, your gift will be recognized on our website, publications, digital and social media and other promotional opportunities relative to particular events and activities.

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