Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Adapted for Women With Infertility-related Distress

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Ninety women with infertility living in Canada and the United States will be recruited. They will be emailed seven weekly 15-minute videos, each providing instructions on a new Acceptance and Commitment Therapy-based technique that addresses the impact of infertility on psychological inflexibility and distress. Fertility-related quality of life and psychological flexibility will be measured before and after the program. Outcomes will also be measured at one-month follow-up. Feedback about how to improve the program will also be collected.


  • Women 18-42 Years Old
  • Has been trying to get pregnant for 12+ months and has failed OR is currently undergoing fertility treatments
  • Lives in Canada or the United States
  • Reports a high level of distress related to infertility, as indicated by a FertiQoL score below 52