Women's Health Week - Let's talk about it. - Alberta, May 8-15, 2021

The WHC proudly announces Women’s Health Week

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Women’s Health Coalition Alberta Proudly Announces Women’s Health Week

The Women’s Health Coalition of Alberta (The WHC) is excited to announce that Alberta Health will declare May 8 – 15, 2021 as Women’s Health Week.

Women’s Health Week is a province-wide initiative of the Women’s Health Coalition Alberta. Anchored by Mother’s Day, the week will focus on raising awareness, increased understanding, and engagement about women’s experiences in sexual, reproductive, and menstrual health.

“We need to change how we talk about, and act on, women’s sexual, menstrual and reproductive health. Girls as young as 10, and women, are facing challenges from debilitating health conditions unique to women. These issues are dismissed, overlooked, and under-served. Navigating the health system is often complicated and women can drift for 10 years without a diagnosis, access to a specialist, or the right treatment”, says WHC Chair, Carmen Wyton.

“During Women’s Health Week, we will bring attention to these issues and stimulate bold and provocative conversations that will encourage women to take authority over their health experience and identify ways to work together to improve the health system.  Additionally, we are launching our WearRedPeriodcampaign and ask Albertans to show their support for Women’s Health Week”.

During this inaugural Women’s Health Week, the WHC encourages all genders to wear red, to plan an activity that will raise awareness, and encourage bold conversations about menstrual, reproductive and sexual health.  We encourage workplace conversations examining policies and practices that may inhibit women’s success due to an unconscious bias about reproductive and menstrual health.

The WHC is collaborating to unite the health care community to embrace women’s health as a priority and ensure the system is accessible, easy to navigate, and patient-centred. The WHC advocates for women to share their experiences and to be heard so meaningful change can occur.

Learn more about Women’s Health Week, May 8 – 15, 2021.