Let’s Talk about Women’s Sexuality

WHC AdminWomen's Health Week

Watch the TED talk and have a conversation with yourself (sure – why not!?) or your sexual partner to come to terms that perhaps women’s sexuality (your sexuality) can be a topic worthy of discussion!

The uncomplicated truth about women’s sexuality By Sarah Barmak, Journalist – 11 min 20 sec

Topics and Questions for Discussion

  1. Is women’s sexuality more complicated than men’s?
    • Do you agree with Sarah Barmak? Why or why not?
  1. “Female sexuality can’t be fixed with a pill. That’s because it’s not broken: it’s misunderstood.”
    • What struck you in this talk that led to the misunderstanding of the woman’s body and women’s sexuality?
    • Are there things you don’t understand (or perhaps your partner doesn’t understand) to which you’d like to find answers?
  1. How is the act of “belittling” sex having impact on women’s health?
    • Is it only about physical health?
    • Do you agree sex is about our “whole health and wellbeing”?  If you don’t, is there more you can explore to understand why Sarah Barmack defines it this way?
  1. What would you like to change about your personal sexual experience?
    • What is the first step (even small) that you can take today to help move your experience to a more positive place?

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