Let’s Talk about Supporting Women’s Health in the Workplace

WHC AdminWomen's Health Week

Read the article(s) and have a conversation with a work colleague(s), or a friend(s) to discuss what change might be possible in your workplace and make decisions about what you can do to help normalize the conversation about women’s health at work. 

Workplace culture ‘must change’ to support women’s health by Helena Pozniak, The Telegraph, 11 February 2020 

Top tips on supporting women’s health in the workplace by Dawn Lewis, Reward & Employee Benefits Association, 16 January 2020

Topics and Questions for Discussion

  1. What are some of the impacts of women’s hormones (ie: menopause) that can affect a woman’s experience at work?
    • Have you observed this in a typically high-performing female colleague at work?  Looking back, could you have supported her differently?  (perhaps the female was you, is there something different you could have done to continue enjoying success in your work?)
  1. Helena Pozniak’s article suggests that supporting women’s health at work not only helps the individual struggling but rather the larger good.  What reasons are these?  
    • Knowing this, do you feel differently about this issue than before having read this article?
  1. Now having read about top tips to support women’s health at work, is there ONE that you can take to your workplace as a suggestion to be considered?  With whom will you want to share this information?