She was in agony since age 13. Many didn’t believe her…

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Thank you Kim for telling your story!  It is far too common for women to drift in the health system for years trying to convince someone that their pain is real and the amount of bleeding is not normal.  Better conversations have to start in the doctor’s office and access to specialists needs to be more timely.  Women need to be able to tell their story succinctly and health professionals need to be open to hearing the whole story without preconceived notions.  The stories we hear suggest there is an unconscious bias in health related to gender, age and menstrual health – and there may be further disparity when socioeconomic factors are also in play.  The WHC is committed to creating a movement that will empower people to speak openly learn and engage with purpose to address barriers and gaps in sexual reproductive and menstrual health.  The WHC is influenced by patient experiences, informed by healthcare professional expertise and advanced by evidence-based recommendations to government and health system influencers. 

Review the link below for Kim’s story. If you have a story to share please reach out.–q3LFLQ1Q