The Women’s Health Coalition Celebrates International Women’s Day

WHC AdminNews

EDMONTON – The Women’s Health Coalition (WHC) is pleased to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2018 to highlight women’s contributions and achievements while working towards gender equality in the home, work and community.

“International Women’s Day is a welcomed celebration and a wonderful reminder to create systems that empower women to own their life experiences, health and wellness,” said Carmen Wyton, Founder of The WHC. “Many women suffer in silence because they are made to believe that pain and discomfort is ‘normal for a woman’. Women need to be comfortable talking about their health and they need to have access to the right treatments and support based on their choice,” continued Wyton.

Women can spend years struggling within a health system that can be uninformed and dismissive of concerns related to sexual, menstrual and reproductive health. The right support and treatment at the right time allows for more informed decisions, for an improved quality of life and improved health outcomes for all Albertans.

“In order to foster better conversations about women’s health, we need a shift in our culture. There are inequities in women’s health and women are at risk.” said Dr. Mangi Tauh FRCSC, Gynecologist, “Now is the best time to work together and invest in Women’s Health.”

The Women’s Health Coalition is proud to host collaboration/networking events throughout Alberta, including school and workplace based programs. “It is the goal of The WHC to bring women, and those who care about them, together to address gender bias and improve the overall health of women living in Alberta,” said Tamara Cluff, Chair of The WHC, “An inaugural Patient and Healthcare Professional Collaborative Forum and Conference this spring will be the start of many important conversations about women’s health.”

The Women’s Health Coalition of Alberta (WHC) is a registered non-profit organization committed to taking a leading role in informing community and advising government to improve support, services and choice for women facing menstrual, reproductive and sexual health challenges. The WHC is women, people who care about and for women, as well as healthcare professionals, community and business leaders that support women’s health and wellness.


For more information, please contact:
Carmen Wyton, Women’s Health Coalition Founder
Cell: 780-257-2270