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(Edmonton) Women’s health matters… at home, in our communities and in our workplaces.

It’s time we started a better conversation.

There is no such diagnosis as ‘that time of the month’, it should not hurt to have sex, bleeding excessively is never normal … AND it shouldn’t be hard to talk about.

Albertans are blessed with exceptional supports for cancer, pregnancy and infertility – but there is so much more to talk about. “Women of all ages are commonly vulnerable, unsupported and at risk when they do not have a specific diagnosis, and can’t access a specialist to get a diagnosis.” Says Carmen Wyton Women’s Health Coalition (WHC) Founder. “Many suffer in silence because they are made to believe that pain and discomfort is ‘normal for a woman’ or worse, that they are just ‘depressed’ or ‘crazy’ if they talk about it.”

Women can spend many years struggling within a health system that can be dismissive of women’s health concerns, uninformed, and doesn’t encourage women to talk openly about their experiences and symptoms – not with their doctor or their partners. “When women don’t… or can’t speak openly, referrals to specialists are delayed, resulting is less options for treatment, and too often leading to life-altering consequences that could have been avoided.” Says Wyton.

Young women often don’t have a general practitioner, rarely have a gynecologist, and are discouraged from exploring their sexual health. “Women with families have a tendency to not take care of themselves because of family, aging parents and professional demands.” Says Tamara Cluff, Chair WHC. “When they finally take steps, they are often beyond early diagnosis options. Choice matters – a hysterectomy is not the only option.”

Conditions and severity of symptoms for mature women facing menopause become as complex and unique as every woman who experiences them. Coping without a professional doesn’t make sense. Hot flashes are only the tip of the iceberg…

The Women’s Health Coalition of Alberta will launch on November 24, with Dr. Mangi Tauh, Gynecologist. Dr. Tauh will share stories about real women, of all ages, the challenges they faced, and the alternatives that might have been available to them.

The right support and treatment at the right time means better informed decisions for an improved quality of life and improved health outcomes.

The Women’s Health Coalition of Alberta (WHC) is a registered non-profit organization committed to taking a leading role in informing community and advising government to improve support, services and choice for women facing menstrual, reproductive and sexual health challenges. The WHC is women, people who care about and for women, as well as healthcare professionals, community and business leaders that support women’s health and wellness.


For more information, please contact:
Carmen Wyton, Women’s Health Coalition Founder
Cell: 780-257-2270