Stand up for women's health and normalize conversations about sex, sexuality, menstruation and reproductive health challenges.
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Founding Partners

Allergan St. Arnaud Pinsent Steman Ripple Enterprises

Founding support to the Women’s Health Coalition will change the conversation, improve health outcomes and create a united voice to address barriers, gaps and system improvements in menstrual, sexual and reproductive health.

available until Dec 31, 2019
$1,000 – One time only!

Founding partners play a pivotal role in establishing sustainable resources and credibility to enable the Women’s Health Coalition to:

  • Stand up for women’s health and normalize conversations about sex, sexuality, and menstruation – in the home, workplace and health institutions.
  • Amplify the importance of supporting better lived experiences through all the ages and stages - from puberty, through child bearing/rearing, menopause, and more.
  • Strengthen volume and credibility of advocacy efforts – to government, educators and health delivery – it’s time to challenge the status quo.
  • Redefine women’s health and ensure it is inclusive for all people dealing with menstrual, sexual and/or reproductive health challenges.
  • Identify priorities, barriers and gaps in women’s health and create an informed network to provide evidence-based recommendations for change.


Founding Partners will:

  • Be provided with a lifetime membership with the Women’s Health Coalition.
  • Be included in public relations and social media activities throughout the Founding Membership Campaign until Dec 31, 2019.
  • Be recognized in perpetuity on The Women’s Health Coalition website.
  • Enjoy a standing invitation to all official events and activities of the Women’s Health Coalition of Alberta.

The WOMEN’S HEALTH COALITION OF ALBERTA is committed to working with partners to provide unique opportunities to celebrate your support of women’s health.

To learn more contact Carmen Wyton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 780-257-2270


Partnership Options (Jan 2020):

Foundations for Women’s Health
$25,000 (multi-year)
Foundations for Women’s Health is a multi-year partnership option to facilitate collaborative strategic development of events, activities, promotions, consumer engagement, education, and public policy. FOUNDATIONS partners will be provided with unique recognition and benefits based on the areas of interest, alignment with specific priorities, events and member activities. Foundations Partners have the opportunity to be on WHC Advisory Council for research, community engagement, educational outreach, and strategic priorities. 
• Foundations partners are also provided with all Champion level dividends.

$10,000 (multi-year)
• Partner commitment to women’s health featured  in educational activities and outreach programs 
• Partners are included in WHC website, events, digital and social media platforms
• Presented as Champion supporter in media promotions and community activities 
• Included on WHC Advisory Council Plus dividends included in LEADERS level support.

$5,000 (project specific)
• Announcement on program/project web page and through social media 
• Company logo included in WHC digital and social media programs 
• Company logo included in WHC Annual Report Plus dividends included in NETWORK level support

$2,500 (project specific)
• Name featured on WHC  website 
• Name included in WHC Annual Report 
• Name included in program/project media programs and digital promotions.   
• Plus dividends included in FRIENDS level support

$1,000 (up to)
• Name included on project/program donor list on WHC website 
• Invitations to  consultations, events, and activities 

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The WHC Mandate

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