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mission statement

Partners; Investing in Women's Health (Brochure)  

A movement that empowers people to speak openly, learn freely and engage with purpose to address women’s health, sexuality, wellness, and Strength Foundations.

Foundations for Women’s Health $25,000 (multi-year)
Foundations for Women’s Health is a multi-year partnership option to facilitate collaborative strategic development of events, activities, promotions, consumer engagement, education, and public policy. FOUNDATIONS partners will be provided with unique recognition and benefits based on the areas of interest, alignment with specific priorities, events and member activities. Foundations Partners have the opportunity to be on WHC Advisory Council for research, community engagement, educational outreach, and strategic priorities. 
• Foundations partners are also provided with all Champion level dividends.

Champions $10,000 (multi-year) 
• Partner commitment to women’s health featured  in educational activities and outreach programs 
• Partners are included in WHC website, events, digital and social media platforms
• Presented as Champion supporter in media promotions and community activities 
• Included on WHC Advisory Council Plus dividends included in LEADERS level support.

Leaders $5,000 (project specific) 
• Announcement on program/project web page and through social media 
• Company logo included in WHC digital and social media programs 
• Company logo included in WHC Annual Report Plus dividends included in NETWORK level support

Network $2,500 (project specific) 
• Name featured on WHC  website 
• Name included in WHC Annual Report 
• Name included in program/project media programs and digital promotions.   
• Plus dividends included in FRIENDS level support

Friends $1,000 (up to) 
• Name included on project/program donor list on WHC website 
• Invitations to  consultations, events, and activities