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Automated Searches on Popular Topics

Google updates weekly, and with that update we find new information rises to the top. Rather than searching manually for the multitude of topics that benefit women's health in Alberta, here is a list of important searches you can make by simply clicking our automated search links. Avoid time spent on weekly searches and wading through ad sites, click bait and other distractions by simply checking in here. 

Provincial and Federal Policy and Funding Searches

Government of Alberta Search on Women's Health
New information on Alberta Provincial Women's Health Policy  
The future of Health Care for Women in Alberta
Alberta Budget 2017 and Women's Health
What's new in Alberta Women's Health regarding Medication Coverage
Federal Budget and Women's Health in Canada 2017
Federal Policy on Women's Heath Funding 2017

Condition and Treatment Related Links

Newest treatments in Canada for Fibroids
Newest treatments in Canada for Endometriosis 
Newest treatments in Canada for PCOS
Latest Information on Menopause and Symptom Management
Information on Women's Endocrine Disorders



The WHC Mandate

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Monday, 04 November 2019

Letter to Minister Shandro

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Monday, 04 November 2019