Stand up for women's health and normalize conversations about sex, sexuality, menstruation and reproductive health challenges.
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About The WHC

The Women’s Health Coalition will take a leading role in engaging women, informing community and advising government to improve support, services, and choice for women faced with menstrual, reproductive, and sexual health challenges.

The Women’s Health Coalition is a network of women who have faced health challenges. People who care about women and people who care for women.

The women’s Health Coalition is mature women creating better systems for young women.

CREATING an open and confident environment to talk about sexual and menstrual health
LISTENING and understanding the emotional, physical and clinical needs of women
ENSURING a supportive journey through treatment considerations
IDENTIFYING system barriers/gaps and understanding the impacts
FOSTERING complimentary, alternative, traditional and conventional healthcare
MODELING improvement of best practices available for women in cancer, pregnancy and mental health
ENGAGING stakeholders, health care, industry and government to increase awareness and sustainability

  • Women’s health awareness and education promotion/campaign (digital & social presence)
  • Develop a public policy and government relations strategy to increases awareness of women’s health issues and position women’s health as a priority in election platforms
  • Establish a network of engaged patients, health care professionals and aligned community organizations for advocacy, patient/HCP experience feedback, and promotions/education.
  • Host a patient, caregiver, heath care professional forum to increase awareness of treatment options, services and system navigation.
  • Establish a formal steering committee, made up of women, health care professionals, and allied health representatives, to provide foundational direction to the coalition, leading to a formal Board of Directors and registration as a non-profit organization.
  • Secure foundational financial resources to fully establish a Women’s Health Coalition and create a sustainable funding model that will include government, industry and community support through membership and education activities.



The WHC Mandate

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Letter to Minister Shandro

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