GUILTY PLEASURE: Why are these two words still friends

Sexual pleasure is your right. Enjoy it, talk about it when its not working, and explore alternatives to pleasure and intimacy.

Presented by: Margaret Conquest

Margaret will discuss barriers and pathways to pleasure and intimacy. She will share the benefits of setting pleasure seeking as a priority, and affirm that pleasure is a shared lived experience.

MARGARET CONQUEST holds a Master’s of Science in Health Promotion studies with a research focus on sexual health for women with Spinal Cord Injury. Over the years her personal and professional journey keeps bringing her back to educating women on their bodies, their right to achieve their sexual health goals and most recently a laser focus on seeking pleasure, intimacy and orgasm. She additionally has the lived experience of 31 years of spinal cord injury and is in the perimenopausal phase of life. This intersection of life events has given her lots of opportunity to continue learning about women’s health and pleasure across the life span and she is delighted to facilitate the conversation today, share her own successes and challenges on this journey.


Women, partners and people who want bolder conversations about pleasure and intimacy.

Healthcare professionals who want to initiate patient conversations that often feel taboo

Women’s health stakeholders that want to drive new conversations for better health outcomes.

The event is finished.


Sat 2 Apr 2022


10:00am - 11:30pm


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