Let’s Talk about HMB (Heavy Menstrual Bleeding)

WHC AdminWomen's Health Week

Visit the website www.heavymenstrualbleeding.com.  With a friend or colleague, navigate through the resources and pages of the site and talk about your personal experiences.

  • Find the page that shares how to define a “heavy period”.  
    • Is that you or someone you know?  
    • Take the test to confirm the status of your period experience.  
  • Find the page that shares the causes of heavy periods.  
    • Knowing this information, does it prompt you to seek medical advice or to share this information with your friends?
  • Find the video that shares how to prepare for your visit to your doctor.  
    • What are the three main issues that your doctor will want to review with you?  
    • Who do you know who has not had success in reducing their heavy bleeding and could benefit from this information?